VCO-BluetoothExt 2.5

Source:Vecal Company

This App enables VCOrganizer to sync with Outlook using Bluetooth.

VCOrganizer Bluetooth Extension

This is not a standard alone App. You must have purchased VCOrganizer or VCOrganizer Pro before purchasing this App.

*** To avoid any unhappy experiences, before purchasing, please try the free App VCOrganizer Lite from Market, with 14 days free trial. ***

This is an optional App which enables your VCOrganizer or VCOrganizer Pro to sync with Outlook using Bluetooth.
After purchasing this App, start the App (you only need to start it once) and you should see the Welcome page “VCOrganizer Bluetooth Extension”.

After that, when you start the Sync from VCOrganzier or VCOrganizer Pro, you will see a new option which allows you to choose the Bluetooth as Sync Method.
This App supports Android 2.0 or above.

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Before purchasing VCOrganizer Bluetooth Extension, please download a free app called “VCO-Prerequisit Check” from Market. It helps you to check if your Mobile can work with VCOrganizer Bluetooth Extension.

For existing customer, please download the latest SyncCenter 3.1 from

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